Electrifying Fleet Management

We were the first company in Virginia to add electric trucks to final mile delivery operations. In fact, we are proud owners of five of the first 20 electric trucks Volvo ever manufactured.

The Patton Promise

Here at Patton, we’re committed to helping you achieve a more sustainable and efficient supply chain process. From energy efficient lighting in all of our warehouses to our growing fleet of electric trucks and forklifts, we are constantly driven to deliver environmentally friendly logistics and supply chain management solutions.

  • 150 tons of scrap metal per year
  • 10 tons of cardboard per year
Fuel Conservation
  • No-idle auxilliary power units
  • 65 mph truck speed governance
  • Trailer skirts & EPA-verified tire technology
Energy Conservation
  • High-Efficiency LED lighting in all  facilities
  • Bio-diesel greenhouse gas emission reductions of up to 86%

Let's Talk Sustainability in Your Supply Chain

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Sustainable Supply Chain Management

The Patton Logistics Group and its subsidiaries (Patton Logistics, Patton Warehousing and Watsontown Trucking Company) are built on solid foundational convictions. Chief among these is the belief that sustainability plays a part in the success of our businesses and our clients.

From warehousing and logistics to final mile delivery, we are deeply committed to helping businesses like yours adopt sustainable supply chain best practices that protect the planet and the bottom line. Whether it’s our growing fleet of electric vehicles, our ever-expanding recycling program or our ongoing exploration of energy- and fuel-efficient best business practices, we never stop working to enhance efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

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